You will learn to understand the rhythm, learn the most popular steps, learn how to use the attributes in the dance correctly and effectively
About the course
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The Rumba Columbia course is the most basic and important knowledge base for those who want to immerse themselves in this style.
It is the foundation of the style for many who dance Cuban salsa. The course contains popular basic steps as well as more complex steps and even acrobatic steps. This course will teach you an understanding of rhythmics which will help you improvise better and dance more musically on the dance floor. You will be able to dance more flexibly using different levels of speed in Rumba Colombia - clear fast lines and smooth slow transitions.
Learning format
Lessons and lectures are recorded and posted on a convenient learning platform. Homework and the opportunity to study with a tutor.
Course Program
  • Lesson in rhythmics
  • Basic steps
  • Casic elements + choreo
  • Complex elements + choreo
  • Bonus lesson
4 modules

Cover all the basic features of the Columbia Rumba, Basic steps and elements (with detailed explanation) and advanced level combinations.

is the basis of the male dance style, which means that many of the elements we use when dancing Cuban salsa come from the rumba style
Who is this course for?
  • For beginners

    if you want to learn how to Rumba Columbia want to improve your plasticity, coordination, speed of your feet and hands

  • For continuing students

    You already knows Rumba Columbia and want to continue to improve your technique and expand your skills

  • For advanced dancers

    If you want to learn more advanced steps in technique and elements of acrobatics, learn to dance with attributes

What will this course give me?
Improve your speed
and coordination in dance
In Rumba Columbia you will learn to control your body better through dynamics, fast music, and constant rhythm changes
You will increase the speed of your legs in all kinds of footwork
It will become easier for you to perform turns of any complexity
Diversify and complicate your dance
Set up your shoulders
and improve arm technique
You will master the special hand plastique peculiar only to Rumba Columbia
You will shake up your shoulders and make their movements more amplified
Your movements will become both smooth and clear and fast, if the music requires it
The rumba is the foundation
of your dance style
The plasticity, dynamics, and character of the Colombian style can enhance any dance
Understanding the rhythmic foundations of this style allows you to improvise better and dance more musically
Acrobatics and work with attributes, complex elements and footwork
Course Program
To dance any style, especially traditional dance styles, it is important to understand their origins and characteristics as well as the rhythmic foundations of the music.
This part will be useful for all students, from beginners to the most advanced.
6 Reasons why you should take this course
  • Confidence in your dance
    You will stop worrying and start dancing more and more, especially if you started dancing not so long ago. When the time comes, you will already have the experience and technique necessary to perform such difficult figures.
    You will dance better with faster music, you will coordinate the movements of your shoulders, legs and arms.
    The Rumba Columbia is the foundation of the men's dance style. You will be able to use various Rumba elements and techniques to improve your style.
    One of the goals of my course is that every step you learn has logic and meaning. This will help you learn to have a dialogue with your movements and it will be easier to improvise.
    You will learn the basic steps and understand how biomechanics work in Rumba Columbia.
    In addition to chats with useful information and answers to your questions, there is a chat room where we not only learn, but also socialize, help and support each other and have fun.
Tutors of the course
I have been in the dancing industry for 21 years and I have been teaching dancing for over than 10 years. During this time I have created an author and effective method of teaching. I am one of the most popular dance teachers in Russia. I have participated in festivals in Asia, Europe and Latin America.

  • Professional dancer and choreographer;
  • Graduated from the National School of Arts in Cuba;
  • Founder of the Academy of Cuban styles ArtWay, Moscow;
  • Jury member of international festivals and competitions;
  • Organizer of events, festivals and parties in Moscow.
    • A professional with more than 18 years of experience, he also has titles of Choreographer-Regisseur of Musical Shows and Professor of Cuban Folklore.
    • Part of his training as a dancer was in the Cutumba Folkloric Company, he was part of other important companies such as Danza-Teatro del Caribe, the Cabaret San Pedro del Mar and the Circuba Company.
    • He obtained his title of Soloist Dancer in the Musical Show Companies of the Hotels of Cayo Coco, Cuba.
    • Professional with 10 years of experience in social dances
    • Winner of the V1 BATTLE contest 2016 - 2018 - 2021
    • Title of tourist entertainer, achieved a VARADERO ( Cuba )
    • He has an 8 year experience as a choreographer
    • Director of the dance studio "D dance"
Cases of our students
Student: Alexei Gazca
Level before training: Beginning Intermediate
Course: Rumba: A Taste of Traditions
Study period: 8 weeks
This case is first of all about perseverance. Alexei did not lacked a partner to practice new movements. Do you think that stopped him? He didn t started to stop practicing and didn t started looking for excuses and continued practicing. When it was time to dance with a partner, Alexei showed excellent results.
Student: Claudia
Prior level: Intermediate
Course: Cuban Salsa Shines
Course Length: 8 weeks
Meet Claudia, her story is inspiring. Claudia practiced hard and learned all the female style moves in the course: Cuban Salsa Shines. In just a couple weeks of training and thanks to the support of our teachers, she mastered new chips and steps. Today Claudia is a shining example that with the right approach and drive you can reach any heights in dance!
Student: Olga
Level before the beginning of the course: Beginner
Course: Rumba: A Taste of Traditions
Term of Study: 8 weeks
This case study is about an online school student named Olga who learned a new style of dance, Rumba. Even though it was a new style, Olga did not let that be a barrier for her. She participated in online classes every day, followed the instructions carefully, and practiced hard on her own. Thanks to her persistence and perseverance, Olga quickly mastered all the basic Rumba moves.We provide a full range of garage door maintenance services
Student: Antonio Osorio
Level before the beginning of the course: Beginner
Course: Cuban Salsa Shines
Term of study: 4 weeks
This is a case study that I am personally inspired by. Antonio initially he had only been practicing for four months learning Salsa. However, he soon fell in love with Rumba and decided to switch to learning it. Following all instructions and recommendations from his teachers, he practiced every day. His perseverance and attention to detail allowed him to quickly make significant progress in his new style. Antonio not only mastered the basic Rumba moves, but was able to impress his teachers and friends with his skill.

The duration of the online course is 1 month


Full access to video tutorials and materials for 1 months

Checking homework and working on mistakes with Adonis (feedback during 1 month)

Certificate of Course Completion

Private consultations and questions to Adonis

Discounts on future courses

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The duration of the online course is 1 month


Full access to video tutorials and materials for 2 months

(feedback during 1 month)

Checking homework and working on mistakes with Dayan and Yunito (feedback during 1 month)

Certificate of Course Completion

Private consultations and questions to Adonis

Discounts on future courses

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"First, thank you all for the great course you created!"
About the Rumba Course:
First, thank you all for the great course you created! The online classes are not easy for beginners but you can see the effort that Adonis and his team put in their videos and explanations. I liked that there were options for homework. I loved learning more about the music, dance, and culture. I also already tried a few steps in socials and I feel good doing them!
It was a very nice experience! thanks a lot!
"Thank you very much teacher! As always happy to learn from you."
About the Timba Solo Course:
Thank you very much teacher! As always happy to learn from you. Thank you for being attentive to us with the classes and videos, also for sharing your knowledge.
Always with excellent vibes and energy. I love the content you have shared with us
"I was very eager to work on the material and waited for the credit so that I could start the next class as soon as possible. I didn't find it hard to study every day."
Svetlana Fomkina
About the Rumba Course:
Learning online, I used to be very resistant to this format of learning. And indeed, it's not so easy to force myself to study by myself. There are always more important and urgent things to do. And you put off your classes for tomorrow and again for tomorrow and so the course ends, and you do not have time to do anything. Every time I start a new course now, after about two weeks I get tired and want to postpone.

But in this course Rumba: A Taste of Tradition by Adonis Santiago I have never had these thoughts, on the contrary I practiced the material with a great desire, and was waiting for the credits to proceed to the next lesson. I did not find it hard to study every day. Adonis, thank you very much, you have created a wonderful course and explained the elements and emotions in such a detailed and accessible way. And one can only dream of a tutor like Olesya Sukhachevskaya. Thank you very much for the correction and support.

Well as I have a lot of work ahead on working out my dancing and development in this direction. But his modest result today, I still share. What rumba I entered the course and what I learned
I really enjoyed the two modules I have taken, both the tutor Isbel and the very detailed videos of Adonis.
About the Rumba Course:
I really enjoyed the two modules I have taken, both the tutor Isbel and the very detailed videos of Adonis. I had already given rumba classes this year (especially Columbia and Guaguancó) but without having a base, this course is what I needed so please continue, I want to keep learning with you.

Anyway, thank you very much for everything! and my congratulations! Best regards!
"The most important thing I got from the course is confidence, self-discovery, as a girl in rumba. this I really lacked)".
Vera Kotskaya
About the Rumba Course
As soon as I saw the course at Adonis, I could not go by. And I was not mistaken! I took a course in his mode and remained in full delight.
All laid out in the boxes. I really liked the method of delivery of the material, the gradual addition of vocabulary and musicality))).
The most important thing that I got from the course was self-confidence, self-disclosure as a girl in a rumba.)
Also great thanks to the curator Olesya for support and constructive criticism), all clearly and accurately)
I would be happy to take another course Adonis curated with Olesya💋💋💋

"Thank you very much Adonis, it has been an excellent course..."
About the Timba Solo Course:
Thank you very much Adonis, it has been an excellent course, it has helped me to understand much better the Timba style and has given me many ideas.
"There's nothing superfluous in the lesson recordings, just choreo! I really like the choreography! And the fact that there are parts for different levels of training is
Very unusual! Learning the movements broken down into levels is very stimulating to develop and assess your level and abilities!"
Anna Solodykhina
Adonis, thank you so much for such a move!
You're an amazing person, creative teacher and talented choreographer. It's always easy and interesting to study with you! There is nothing superfluous in the recording of the lessons, only choreo!
I really like the choreography! And the fact that there are parts for different levels of training is very unusual! Learning the movements, broken down by
levels, very stimulating to develop and assess their level and capabilities!
I look forward to new online projects!
Very much would like an afro contempo!
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