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The key feature of the course is that you will learn your dance style through couple dancing. We created this course with the idea of this phrase:
"We can do more with less"
The smallest and simplest embellishment can completely change your dance style.
New course Rumba Colombia - the basis of men's style in rumba. The main characteristics of Rumba Colombia, basic steps and elements (with a very detailed explanation) and advanced level combinations. You will work with speed and learn to dance more flexibly using different speed levels Rumba Colombia has clear fast lines and smooth slow transitions.
I have been in the dancing sphere for 21 years and I have been teaching dancing for more than 10 years. During this time I have created an author and effective method of teaching. I am one of the most popular dance teachers in Russia. I have participated in festivals in Asia, Europe and Latin America.
About me
  • Styles
  • Salsa Casino
  • Salsa Timba
  • Afro and Rumba
  • Traditional Cuban Styles
  • Afro-contemporary
  • Reggaeton
  • Professional dancer and choreographer;
  • Graduated from the National School of Arts in Cuba;
  • Founder of the Academy of Cuban styles ArtWay
  • Jury member of international festivals and competitions;
  • Organizer of events, festivals and parties in Moscow.
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Students Reviews
"Learning with you was awesome"
Sakhr Tamsna
About the Rumba Course:
Hi Adonis,
I am very happy to see you trying your best and offering us a nice experience. Learning with you was awesome. The course was short. I would like to see next time that you devote more time to the foundations by this I mean the beginners' part. I wish I could access the course for one or two more weeks.
You are a great teacher and I wish you all the best in your career.
Your student
"Now I'm in love with this one and will continue to make it better and better every day:)"
Kate Taranenko
About the Rumba Course:
Adonis, I can't even describe how much I loved the course! I was afraid to dance "Columbia" style always, but it turned to be my favorite one * Now I'm in love with this one and will continue to make it better and better every day:) Also I would like to mention your way of explanation. For me at the moment you are the most talented teacher in the world. I can really recommend this course to everyone even if he's never been dancing rumba
"Really appreciate having such a great online Rumba Columbia course!"
About the Rumba Course:
Starting from the cultural origins of Rumba Columbia to the very important rhythms of the instruments. This is the first time l've ever seen a dance online course explain the culture and instrumental rhythms in the opening two lessons and even in some offline courses and dance festival, the culture and instruments are not explained in such detail.
A complete course, starting from several representative dance steps (and also very aptly named dance steps, which is very necessary for foreigners to learn) as a basic course, gradually rising to advanced courses, while the intermediate and advanced courses can be a separate and independent of their own routines.

3. The movements are explained in detail and easy to understand and the repeated demonstrations are useful for online students to follow and practice over and over again. Even just watch them to enhance their memorization, and at the same time, they can also observe the nuances of the teacher's demonstration of each movement.
Overall, this online course is short but full of details and The whole choreography is wonderful and full of entertainment, which makes it a high quality online course.
Thope that the advanced course will further increase the difficulty and more movements on the routines of the intermediate course.
At present, my personal feeling is that the intermediate level and advanced level are two sets of combination. In addition, hope that in the future new course, Instructor can add a teaching content in which a choreography is performed with different music. I also hope that there will be other online courses such as Timba, Son, Cha chacha, Mambo, Afrocuba, etc.
Many thanks to Adons and the team of this course!
"Top teacher, top courses!".
Marco Tozzi
About the Rumba Course
Adonis is an excellent teacher, a great artist, and is also very knowledgeable in teaching to allow us enthusiasts to be able to learn and progress the study of the magnificent Cuban tradition of dance. Top teacher, top courses!
"Very useful materials, love it!"
Mandy Wang
Very useful materials, love it!
"Thank you, Adonis, for a wonderful course! I thought the content was excellent"
James Davies
Thank you, Adonis, for a wonderful course! I thought the content was excellent--just the right level, and with a mixture of the fundamentals and some flair moves to add lots of style, so l am very happy. You explain everything very well, and I really appreciate the extra details about, for example, the meaning behind some of the Abakua movements, because I didn't know about why the god in Abakua is always cleaning himself.
Ican't think of anything to improve, and I really hope that you do more courses in English. I would happily take many of your classes, and being able to do your classes online would also allow me to move abroad. (I don't want to leave Lund, Sweden because I have two excellent teachers-Anier Sanchez Sandoval and Lexis Hernandez: perhaps you know them?-but if I know that I could take your online courses while being in another country, then I would never have to worry about finding great Cuban teachers in the area that I livel)
I noticed that you do many more courses in Spanish and Russian, and the only thing stopping me from taking the timba solo and rumba courses is the language barrier, otherwise I would have already signed up! I wonder, though: could you add subtitles to your videos, perhaps even just auto-translated by Al, so that us non-Spanish speakers can also sign up for the course? I am used to my salsa teachers speaking half in Spanish and half in English/Swedish anyway, so some of the technical terms that are used (e.g. vacuna -› vaccination) are already understood, so it wouldn't be a problem if the auto- translate mistranslated. I also think many salsa dancers love listening to Spanish, even if we don't understand what is being said, so it's not necessary to re-record everything in English-unless you want to, of course! :) I think adding subtitles would be a small change that would be quite cheap and easy to do, but would make your classes available to many more people
That's all, and thanks again! I hope to one day take your classes in person as well. (I met Amar and Prabha at the ALFA Festival in KL this year, and they said what a wonderful teacher and person you are. I am quite jealous that I missed your eight-week course in Malaysia last year haha, but all the students were raving about you!
Best wishes,
James Davies
P.S. If you wish to use this review online, you can cut any parts of this message that you don't want to include. It's fine by me!
"Highly recommended!"
Karl 83
About the Rumba Course:
I recently completed the columbia dance course, and I must say it was a fantastic experience. The course was impressively well-structured, making it pleasingly easy to follow along. I not only learned a lot but also thoroughly enjoyed the entire process. Highly recommended!
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